Quarry Wall Hanging — Brass

Quarry Wall Hanging — Brass

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The Quarry Wall Hanging draws inspiration from the worn shapes of river rocks. The curved bar adds a layer of softness and the form of the organic shapes creates inviting dimension within this singular wall hanging. The polished brass brightens a space with its living finish that will naturally change over time.

Handcrafted at the Circle & Line studio in Austin, Texas.

Dimensions: 38” H x 10” W x 1” D

Weight: 2 lbs

Materials: Made entirely of brass components, each piece is meticulously sanded, buffed, and polished and then finished with a durable lacquer to preserve the warm glow of the brass. The brass has a “living finish” and the patina will change over time.

Installation + Care: Hang from a nail or hook. Hold by the chain when installing to prevent fingerprints on brass finish. Intended for indoor use. Exposure to the elements will cause the natural patina process to accelerate. Wipe with a dry cloth.