Meridian Wall Hanging — Black Patina / Brass

Meridian Wall Hanging — Black Patina / Brass

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The Meridian Wall Hanging, our largest wall hanging, is a brass and black patina design balancing graphic geometric shapes that mirror each other while also being cleverly offset with a bar in the median. It is composed of natural materials and hangs flush against the wall. It complements large open walls in modern spaces.

Handcrafted at the Circle & Line studio in Austin, Texas.

Dimensions: 25" H x 30" W

Weight: 4 lb

Materials: Made entirely of brass components, each meticulously sanded, buffed, and polished and then finished with a durable lacquer. The deep, naturally nuanced black is achieved through the reaction of brass dipped in blackening patina prior to finishing.

Installation + Care: Hold Meridian against the wall at your desired location and mark at the center top of the brass portion. Using this initial point as reference, measure 6.5 inches down and mark, this will align with the top edge of the provided clip. With the ridged side running horizontally against the wall, level and place clip centered below the second point. Mark existing holes for screw placement. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall using the drywall anchors and screws provided. To affix your wall hanging, lift the piece above the clip and gently lower to engage with the z-clip. Intended for indoor use. Exposure to the elements will cause the natural brass patina process to accelerate, and it could damage the black patina finish. Wipe with a dry cloth.